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      Keeping a health journal is a powerful Habit of Health, but we often find that new clients are hesitant or skeptical. Many people have the idea that keeping a journal is a long laborious process along the lines of writing classic literature, which either feels silly or like too much work. In our system, […]

    6 Steps for Starting a Health Journal

    15 Feb 2018

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    In the Habits of Health System, our approach to exercise continues to surprise people who think they know what it takes to reach and thrive at a healthy weight. They see ads on television for fancy new exercise equipment and for gym memberships and they have a neighbor down the street does a lot of […]

    Small Changes, Big Results

    8 Feb 2018

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    To create lasting, sustainable change in our health, we need to transform our behaviors. This is one of the core themes of the Habits of Health: We need to address our underlying programming and how we make choices in order to replace Habits of Disease with habits that move us farther down the path to […]

    5 Tips for Mindfulness

    25 Jan 2018

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