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  • FROM DR. A
    The Habits of Health encompass all aspects of optimal wellbeing, not just nutrition and motion. In fact, the very beginning of the journey starts with your mind.

    Win the Battle Against Stress

    16 Nov 2017

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    Mindfulness—the ability to be more aware and more present in the moment—is undeniably powerful. Practicing mindfulness can help us make healthier choices, lower and control our stress response, and even improve our relationships. The danger, however, is that mindfulness has become so popular that it might feel like a fad or a buzzword. Mindfulness matters, […]

    Stop and Smell the Roses

    9 Nov 2017

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    From the beginning, the Habits of Health were designed around longevity. The goal was not simply to reach a healthy weight but rather to unlock more years of vibrant, active living. As you master your Habits of Healthy Eating and Motion, you should also be thinking about the bigger picture of your health and addressing […]

    Align Your Surroundings with Longevity

    2 Nov 2017

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